Octenisan Antibacterial Wash Lotion 500ml

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Octenisan Antibacterial Wash Lotion 500ml

Octenisan Wash Lotion is the perfect product for all your health and wound care needs. This light yet effective wash lotion is suitable for full body washing, including hair and showering. With a skin-neutral pH value, it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types. Plus, it's free of any artificial colours or fragrances — so you can use it confidently knowing that no harsh ingredients are being used on your skin.

But Octenisan Wash Lotion offers more than just gentle cleansing. It's also been specially formulated to help fight against multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs). So when you use this lotion, you can rest assured that pollutants and contaminants won't stand a chance.

In addition to protecting against MDROs, Octenisan Wash Lotion is perfect for pre-surgical care as well. The mild formula is ideal for washing patients before surgery, leaving them with clean and healthy skin without unwanted smells or tints.

If you're looking for a trusted health and wound care solution that is both gentle and effective, Octenisan Wash Lotion has your back. Recommended by healthcare professionals for its efficiency in fighting MDROs, it's guaranteed to keep your patients safe from harm — whether they're undergoing surgery or simply staying clean throughout the day.

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