First AID Kits Sydney

First AID Kits Sydney



First Aid Kits Sydney

Whether you need a first aid kit for your business or residence, First Aid Distributions has you covered. With a vast inventory of kits that encompasses an extensive range of emergencies, you are sure to find the right fit for your needs. Safety is essential, and having the proper supplies at your disposal is critical when treating an injury. We cover the whole Sydney area and its surroundings so you can be sure that you’ll receive your order as soon as possible!

Be prepared!

The very definition of an accident is that you cannot prevent it, as it happens unexpectedly. Of course, you can take the necessary precautions and lower the accident rates. But sadly, an accident cannot be fully averted and here’s when we come into play. With a wide range of first aid kits, will help you be prepared for any situation that might arise. Our kits are fully equipped to treat injuries like open wounds, cuts, burns, and even snake bites and come in various sizes, from portable ones that can be used in your car or when traveling to fixed ones for your home or workplace.

The best you can buy!

First Aid Distributions offers first aid kits that are fully compliant with the law and are manufactured from high-quality materials. Our casing is made from various materials like metal, plastic, or textile so that you can choose the best kit for your environment. More than this, all packaging is durable and will protect the content inside. All first aid kits are stocked with up to date medicine and other emergency needed supplies. When expired, the contents of the kit must be replaced so that the supplies will always be useful. With us, you won’t have to purchase a whole kit again, as we ship both supply kits and individual supplies.

Direct shipping to Sydney

As the most populous city in Australia with over 5 million residents, Sydney spreads over a large area, being home to many people and businesses. First Aid Distributions handles shipping both to individuals and to companies all over the Sydney area and Australia. Our inventory has all you need in terms of first aid kits either for your home or workplace. Make sure to check our Delivery section for the delivery times, as they might vary depending on your location.

Customized for your business

All businesses need to be stocked with a First Aid Emergency station and we have all of the supplies you need. You can choose from our inventory the perfect kit for your workplace depending on the risk assessed: low, moderate or high. Beside stationery kits, we also offer mobile first aid kits that can be used in the outback or for your vehicle.

Home is where you feel safe

Having a first aid kit at home is essential as it can help you treat injuries or buy some time until the first responders arrive. We ship to Sydney and the surrounding area, so your first aid needs are covered. Our first aid kits are made for both adults and children, so your whole family will be covered.

Shipping made easy

Our team will take your order, prepare it, and ship it as soon as possible. We have an $11.95 flat rate shipping fee for all orders under $300 and anything over $300, shipping will be free, so you can order all of the supplies you need for your business or home. Due to our door to door service, we have full control over the whole shipping process. We also accept most forms of payment, and all of our online transactions are encrypted, making your personal information safe with us. You can easily pay by using a credit card, direct deposit, and cheque.

First Aid Distributions offers high-quality first aid products, covering both Sydney and other locations all over Australia. We supply top notch first aid kits both for your workplace and residence that are compliant with the law and are part of the industry’s standard. Our professional team will help you choose what’s best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Be prepared for any emergency that might come up!