First AID Kits Brisbane



First Aid Kits Brisbane

First Aid Distributions offers a wide range of first aid kits for different emergencies that will suit both your business and residence. Finding the right first aid supplies for you has never been easier with our category guide that will help you through the whole process. Put safety first, and be ready for any emergency that might happen. We ship to Brisbane and any other surrounding region!

Be ready for any situation

You can never fully prevent an accident, but you can be prepared for it. We have anything you’ll need in case something unexpected happens. With a vast inventory of first aid kits, we cover everything from personal kits that can be used for your home, car or for traveling, to workplace kits that are fully stocked for various emergencies, including cuts, burns, open wounds, eye injuries, snakebites and more.

High-quality products

Our First Aid Kits are compliant with the law and are made from top-notch materials that will protect the supplies inside. Regardless of the packaging, you’ll choose: metal, plastic or textile to best fit your needs, you can be sure that you’ll receive a high grade and durable product. Inside the kits, you’ll find up to date supplies that are part of the industry’s standard. It’s essential to replace the contents of the kit when it expires, and that’s why we also provide shipping for individual supplies or for supply kits, so you won’t have to purchase the whole kit again.

Brisbane and beyond

With a population of over 2 million people, Brisbane is one of the oldest and most populated cities in Australia. We ship our products to businesses and residences all over Australia, including Brisbane and surrounding areas. Browse our extensive catalogue and order the best fit for your workplace or home. Don’t forget that the delivery time may vary depending on your location, so be sure to check our Delivery section.

Our First Aid Kits cater to your business

If you want to start a new business or need your current one stocked with all the essential First Aid Supplies, we have everything you need for businesses that have a low, moderate, or high risk. We even carry mobile first aid kits for vehicles or for remote on the go assistance in the outback.

Keep your home safe

Each home should be prepared with a First Aid Kit in case of an emergency. We cover both Brisbane and the surrounding area, so you can quickly order the best fit for your house. We have kits that serve both adults and children, so you’ll be safe in any situation.

Shipping was never easier

We’ll make sure your order will be sent as soon as possible and has all of the supplies ordered inside. For orders under $300, we charge an $11.95 flat rate, and for anything over $300, shipping is free of charge, so you can stock your business or home with everything you need. More than this, our door to door service ensures that we are in charge of the whole shipping process, including container loading, cargo insurance, documentation, and delivery to the final destination.

Easy payment

We include most forms of payments, including credit card, direct deposit, cheque, and our secure website ensures that all transactions are encrypted so your personal information will be safe with us.

Fit for every need

If you need a custom kit or have any other questions regarding our products, we have a dedicated and professional team that is here for you and will help you with anything you’ll need. More than this, if you are not sure what kind of first aid kit you need, our team will guide you through the steps of choosing the best fit for your business or home.

If you need a quick and professional first aid distribution service that covers both Brisbane and other areas in Australia, First Aid Distributions is the place to go. We have a wide variety of first aid kits both for your workplace or for your residence that comes equipped with all the supplies needed in case of emergencies. All of our first aid kits are compliant with the law and have the best supplies in the industry.