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Gauze Swabs - Sterile/Non Sterile & Highly Absorbent 

Get the best medical gauze swabs for wound dressing and hygienic cleansing. Our Sterile and Non Sterile Gauze Swabs are strong, durable, soft and highly absorbent. Shop now for free shipping on orders over $200!

Types of Gauze Swabs

Introducing Gauze swabs - your trusted partner in wound care and hygiene. These Sterile and Non-sterile Gauze Swabs are here to revolutionise the way you cleanse and dress wounds. With their non-woven composition, incredible strength, and exceptional absorbency, these gauze swabs are designed to exceed your expectations.

They come in Sterile packets in various different sizes and also in packets of 100 (Non Sterile). They are the perfect supply for your first aid kit and For those seeking a reliable wound care option, look no further than Gauze. Our sterilised, highly absorbent, and durable gauze swabs have been created with your needs in mind. Trust the experts in wound care and experience the difference that Gauze can make to your recovery journey.