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Are you browsing our site with the interest of purchasing skin prep & adhesive solutions? Look no further, as First Aid Distributions has a sizeable range of sport strapping supplies that are useful in sports games, including skin prep & adhesive solutions: sports grip sprays, barrier wipes, and remover wipes, skin dressings (skin circles or skin squares), adhesive spray and adhesive removers.

Solutions For Prevention And Protection

There are situations in sports games where a player might have to use tape and bandages, sport strapping supplies. Before the strapping tape, for instance, you need extra adhesion, for which there is a variety of skin prep & adhesive solutions that we have on sale.

When it comes to a sports injury such as a blister, skin dressings (such as skin circles and skin squares) are a welcomed protective solution, soothing without sticking to the skin in a lingering way. 

We also sell skin prep dressings, appropriate for a great variety of medical situations, to be used onto skin, forming a liquid film that contributes to the reduction of friction during tape removal.

Enhance Your Grip

First Aid Distributions offers numerous sports grip solutions. We have sports grip sprays that provide extra grip for your game, as well as adhesive spray and adhesive remover solutions, remove wipes and barrier wipes.

Adhesive sprays help prevent trauma when removing the strapping tape, but are also useful for its fixation, leaving a thin protective film over the skin, so that traction for taping and bandaging is improved.

Elite athletes alternate in using both hot and cold Therapy as studies show that it can help reduce muscle pain.

Take Weather Conditions Into Account

If your sports game takes place into wet weather conditions, it is best to ensure optimal performance by using sports grip sprays. Ball grip spray solutions may also be purchased from our online store, alongside other sport strapping solutions.

Our skin prep & adhesive section also includes adhesive sprays and adhesive remover solutions, among other products that you should consider for your medical equipment needs. Do not forget to keep such items in plentiful quantity and make sure you are fully stocked with first aid supplies.

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Take notes: if you are from Australia and need first aid supplies and medical equipment, First Aid Distributions is the top quality supplier you should choose. If you are not convinced yet, check out our full range of skin prep & adhesive solutions and other sport strapping supplies. We have a variety of first aid supplies that cater to your budget and your needs.

We offer significant advantages to our Australian clients, providing door to door service and the following freight policy: $7.95 as a flat rate, free if your orders are over $300. For further feedback and enquiries, you may like to contact our friendly customer support team on 03 5443 2239.