OPS Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser

About the OPS Paper Towel Dispenser

The OPS Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser by Archer Manufacturing Inc. exemplifies durability and security. Crafted from 16-gauge stainless steel, it features a contemporary design and robust construction that includes a lock mechanism and multiple mounting points, ensuring it remains firmly in place. This dispenser facilitates controlled usage by dispensing one sheet at a time, which helps in minimising waste and maintaining cleanliness. It’s also designed to be fire resistant and tamper-proof, making it an ideal choice for high-security areas like prisons and hospitals. Adding to its appeal, it shares a key system with OPS soap dispensers and comes with a five-year warranty, underscoring its reliability and zero maintenance needs.

Key Features

Experience the ultimate in durability and safety with the OPS Paper Towel Dispenser. Designed to be indestructible and backed by a 5-year vandalism-proof warranty, it withstands any form of abuse—from kicks to punches and knife attacks. This dispenser is fully ADA-compliant and prioritizes safety with its suicide and ligation-resistant features, eliminating any sharp edges or hang points. It's also engineered for hygiene and security, with a unique locking system that prevents tampering and contamination. Plus, it offers maximum economy by reducing waste and preventing theft. Enjoy peace of mind and efficiency in one innovative solution.

  • Fire and Suicide Resistant

  • 5-Year Vandal Proof Warranty.

  • American Disabilities Act (ADA Compliant) & Ligation resistant.

  • Securely locked & Mounted.

  • No paper towel Waste, Contamination or theft.

Try Before You Buy:

Understanding the importance of firsthand experience, we invite you to test our Vandal Proof Dispenser at absolutely no cost. We'll
cover all shipping expenses, both to your location and back, ensuring you can evaluate its superior quality and performance without
any commitment. We're confident that once you see the OPS Vandal Proof Dispenser in action, it will not only meet but exceed your
expectations. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

How to Proceed:

  • Contact our friendly customer service team on 03 5443 2239 or
    send us a email at info@firstaiddistributions.com.au
  • Provide us with your organization’s details including shipping
    address. (we require a street address for all freight)



Jonathon Mendoza

I wanted to let you know how well your OPS 1-Touch Foaming Soap Dispensers are working for us at Long Beach Unified School District. Over the past year, your dispensers have been placed in my school district's top 3 "toughest" schools, and have far exceeded our expectations.

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Ray Acosta

I wanted to let you know how well your OPS 1-Touch Soap Dispensers are working for us at NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. My park district is a heavily trafficked area, and also has a significant population of homeless. Due to the amount of people using our dispensers daily, my team used to constantly repair or replace our previous soap dispensers.

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