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Ocular injuries are some of the most debilitating ones you can suffer, as they result in impaired vision or blindness more often than not. This could significantly endanger anyone’s ability to earn their living, as well as diminish their quality of life. Are you or any of the personnel in your facility performing tasks that endanger the eyes? In this situation, Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety guidelines dictate stocking the workplace first aid kit with the proper eye care materials.

We here at First Aid Distributions stock everything you need on our page dedicated to eye care products. From saline solution and pads to a full-blown eye first aid kit, our shop has it all. We offer fast delivery all across Australia too, so place your order today and ensure that your workplace is up to code with OHS standards.

Eye Care Products Are Indispensable

Even the most mundane seeming jobs can endanger your vision, and we’re not talking about staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods only. Any line of work which involves processing heavy materials or working with chemicals of any type has the potential to threaten the safety and health of your eyes. Examples include, but are not limited to fields such as:

  • Constructions
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Food preparation
  • Maintenance
  • And others.

For this reason, First Aid Distributions always recommend having the appropriate first aid supplies on hand in the workplace. You will find everything you need to abide by Australian laws on our website, and delivery is free for orders that exceed AU$300!

Types of Eye Injuries and How to Care for Them

As previously mentioned, eye injuries can be some of the most impairing ones you can suffer at the workplace if you do not deal with them appropriately. There are three main types, which we’ve detailed below, along with the recommended course of action in each case:

  • Foreign objects. Never rub the eye in the eventuality of a foreign particle or object becoming lodged in it. Instead, use an eye wash station to irrigate the area. If removal is impossible, bandage the area around the wound and seek medical attention immediately
  • Trauma. In the case of ocular trauma, the first thing you need to do is lightly apply a cold compress to the eye. Do not use any pressure on the area and take an analgesic to help with the pain. In the case of vision changes, bleeding, or accentuated discomfort that accompanies eye movements, visit a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Chemical splashes. Under no circumstances should your rub or bandage the ocular region if chemicals made their way through. Use the eyewash station or a saline solution bottle to spray the eye for at least 15 minutes, then immediately consult with a medical professional.

Our experienced support team is online 24/7 for any questions you might have regarding the products on our website. For other enquiries, always consult with your doctor. Keep in mind that first aid is merely the initial action you are advised to take in the case of a medical emergency. After applying the proper care to the eye area, you should always seek a professional’s help.