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About Us

About Us

About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

First Aid Distributions & Choice Medical Supplies is the amalgamation of two very complimentary businesses offering just what you’d expect from the business name. We supply first aid supplies, medical supplies and items like our OWN brand of sports strapping tape- Straptor that we manufacture exclusively for our business & customers.

We also offer in person first aid kit checking & restocking services in Bendigo & surrounds where one of our team members visits your site to do everything for you. For our Australia wide customers, we offer the first of its kind online first aid kit management service- KitCheck to help businesses manage their kits and remain compliant and safe. It reminds businesses to conduct their kit audits at a time frame suitable for their business, at which time they can download a physical kit check form or complete it online, they enter the in-stock quantities of each item and the KitCheck service orders the replacement items to get their stocks back up to the par level.
For many of our products we are Bendigo’s only stockist and sometimes Australia’s only stockist- the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser for example is exclusive to us and completely vandal proof. Trust us, we even took a plank of wood to it, and it didn’t even make a dent! Watch the video HERE.

First Aid Distributions began for us in 2011 when we purchased the business from the previous owners, the acquisition of Choice Medical Supplies happened in late 2013 to combine the two businesses into one. We operate under the ethos that our customers deserve the best possible products at the best possible price!

Our owners have extensive experience in the medical & first aid fields having been on the front line as medical professionals for a number of years. Their combined knowledge is how the business can offer the very best products at the best prices because they’ve been there and know what medics need.

With the huge growth of the business during the 2020 pandemic our small store in Bridge Street couldn’t sustain our size any longer and we purchased a block of land to build a much bigger shop and warehouse to be able to grow our business further.
We moved to Murphy Street in October 2020 and operate weekdays from 9am-5pm at this location as well as operating a 24/7 website so our customers can shop when it is convenient to them.