First AID Kits Perth

First AID Kits Perth



First Aid Kits Perth

First Aid Distributions provides a vast inventory of first aid kits suited both for your residence or for your workplace or business. We ship to the entire Perth area and all of Western Australia.

Safety first

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, but you can be ready for them! We have everything you need when it comes to first aid assistance, from fully stocked kits to individual supplies and refill kits. Our first aid kits come fully equipped in treating a broad range of injuries, including burns, open wounds, cuts, eye injuries, sprains, and even snake bites. First Aid Distributions offers an extensive selection of first aid kits, including fixed ones for your home or business or mobile ones for traveling or on the go assistance.

Products that you can trust

All our products are fully compliant with the law and are made from the best materials on the market. Our casings are made from durable materials that fully protect the supplies inside like metal, plastic, and textile. All the medicine inside is up to date as well as the other emergency supplies. We recommend replacing the contents of the kit when it expires. We also offer supply kits and individual supplies, so you won’t have to purchase the whole thing again.

Shipping to Perth and Western Australia

Western Australia is home to over two and a half million people with the majority of them living in Perth, and First Aid Distributions handles the shipping to the whole area. We ship to both homes and companies, and our inventory is fully stocked to suit your needs. Don’t forget to check our Delivery Section for shipping times, as they might differ depending on your location.

Keep your home and your workplace safe

Whether you need a first aid kit for your residence or workplace in Perth and Western Australia, we’ve got you covered. We provide both stationary and mobile kits that can be used in various emergencies. For example, a First Aid Emergency station is best suited for an office or restaurant. A Mobile First Aid Kit can be used for your work vehicle or in situations when on the go assistance is necessary. More than this, our first aid kits are suited both for children and adults, so all of your family will be safe.

Easy Shipping & Payment

We ship to the Perth area and the rest of Western Australia, so all of your first aid needs will be covered. First Aid Distributions has an $11.95 flat rate for all orders under $300. For orders over $300 your shipping will be free so that you can stock your emergency supplies without any hassle. We use a door to door service, meaning that we have full control over the shipping process. We’ll make sure you’ll receive everything that you’ve ordered. Paying is easy as we accept most forms of payment including credit card and direct deposit. Our secure website encrypts all of the transactions made, keeping your personal information safe and sound. If we have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team that will help you with anything you’ll need.

First Aid Distributions provides top-notch first aid supplies, shipping to the whole country, including Perth and Western Australia. Our first aid kits are made from the best materials and will assist you in all emergencies. Our team will help you choose the right kit for your home or business, so you can always be prepared!