Homecraft Kings Button Hook (1)

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Homecraft Kings Button Hook (1)

The Homecraft Kings Button Hook, your essential aid for fastening buttons without even breaking a sweat. Whether you suffer from arthritis, limited dexterity in your hands, or just need a more efficient way to take care of all those tedious buttons, this button hook is your answer!

At 220mm long, the handle is contoured to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand and allow for a stronger grip. The shaped steel loop simply threads through the button hole and with just a twist of the wrist allows you to effortlessly secure small buttons with minimum effort required. You can bid goodbye to struggling with tiny buttons and tricky little holes!

Designed with convenience and hygiene in mind, this button hook requires minimum effort for cleaning and maintenance. A quick wipe down with mild detergent solution and it is good as new.

The Homecraft Kings Button Hook is an ideal aid for anyone looking for an effortless solution to simple life tasks that have become difficult due to age or illness. Make the simple things simpler today and get yourself a Homecraft Kings Button Hook!


  • Easy- Grip Contoured Handle and shaped steel loop
  • Ideal for those that have difficulty fastening small buttons
  • Length 220mm
  • N/A