BLIZZARD Baby Wrap 65 x 24cm (1)

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BLIZZARD Baby Wrap 65 x 24cm (1)

If you’re an outdoor adventurer and are looking for a way to protect newborns from developing hypothermia, look no further than the Blizzard Baby Wrap™. This innovative 3-layer insulating pouch is made of Reflexcell material that is waterproof and windproof, delivering 7 TOG level of warmth so you can confidently take your newborn out in the elements. With its resealable double-sided tape closure it also allows paramedics to monitor the newborn while safeguarding their core body temperature.

The Blizzard Baby Wrap ensures your baby is safe and warm when taking them outside by using Reflexcell technology which traps warm air and reflects heat back to the newborn, as well as having an elasticated triple layer pouch that draws material close to the body reducing cold spaces and convection heat loss; all important features for an outdoor adventure! Available in bright orange so you’ll be able to easily spot your baby in any terrain or environment, the Blizzard Baby Wrap is portable and flat-packed for convenience – perfect for camping trips or hikes.

The Blizzard Baby Wrap is essential for any hike or outdoor trip with a newborn. Make sure they’re safe and secure during your adventures with this amazing product today!


  • 3-layer pouch providing maximum warmth and insulation
  • Reflex cell material for superior quality and performance
  • Double-sided tape closure to allow paramedics to monitor newborn while safeguarding their core body temperature
  • Waterproof construction to keep newborn safe in any conditions
  • 7 TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) level of warmth – the perfect amount to maintain ideal body temperature.
  • Size:65 x 24cm
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