Spotlight on Specialty Wound Dressings: Zetuvit, Allevyn Life, and Bac

Spotlight on Specialty Wound Dressings: Zetuvit, Allevyn Life, and Bactigras

At First Aid Distributions, our selection of wound dressings includes options for every kind of wound care need. Among our range, three notable products stand out for their specialised features: Zetuvit Wound Dressings, Allevyn Life Wound Dressings, and Bactigras Wound Dressings.

Zetuvit Wound Dressings: These are highly absorbent and designed for managing wounds with significant exudate. The dressing's construction allows for excellent fluid management while maintaining a moist environment conducive to healing.

Allevyn Life Wound Dressings: Allevyn Life is known for its multi-layered design, incorporating hydrocellular foam and a hyper-absorbent core. These dressings are not only highly absorbent but also ensure the distribution of pressure, making them ideal for patients with sensitive or at-risk skin. Their design is tailored for comfort and protection, accommodating everyday activities without compromising wound care.

Bactigras Wound Dressings: Bactigras dressings are impregnated with chlorhexidine, providing an antiseptic barrier that reduces the risk of infection in wounds, including lacerations, minor burns, and ulcers. These dressings are particularly useful for managing wounds that are at a higher risk of infection, offering protection against bacteria and promoting a healing environment.

Each of these specialty dressings at First Aid Distributions is designed with specific wound care needs in mind, offering solutions that extend beyond general wound care to address the complexities of wound management. Whether dealing with high exudate, the need for pressure distribution, or the risk of infection, our range includ