Making a Model 9 First Aid Kit

Making a Model 9 First Aid Kit

It's a brand new month which means we have another Making a First Aid Kit Video for you!

This month we're featuring the Model 9 First Aid Kit, it's a huge favourite with schools since it's portable and super easy to carry around and it's suitable for all kinds of activities. 

We'll show you all of the contents, pack them into the kit and show you the final product!

Backpack first aid kits offer a unique portability that makes them perfect for sports, public events, and other organised proceedings where groups of people may be gathering. It gives first aid providers the ability to move freely throughout crowds while ensuring they’re equipped with the very best first aid supplies in their handy backpacks.

The Model 9 First Aid Kit is recommended for: Schools, Sport, Outdoor Activities, Hiking and more!

View the MODEL 9 HERE


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