Zoll AED CPR-D Padz Defibrillator Pads - Adult (1)

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Zoll AED CPR-D Padz Defibrillator Pads - Adult (1)

ZOLL AED CPR-D are adult electrodes suitable for the Zoll AED and AED plus. While many of the defibrillation pads have one set of electrodes on two pads and are a bit intricate to place on a victim's chest, the ZOLL CPR-D are one piece which allows quick placement in case of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. The rescuer is required only to unpack the pads and position the pre-connected electrode at the centre of the victim’s chest. No mistakes, no confusion.

The electrodes boast of a CPR system fitted with sensors that sense depth and rate of the chest compression. In addition, the pads don’t have unnecessary advanced futures; hence, they can be easily maintained. With a reasonable shelf-life of 5 years, ZOLL AED CPR-D makes AED ownership a breeze.


  • Optimised for emergency resuscitation circumstances
  • Simple, accurate, quick application
  • Fastest, easy-to-use multi-function electrodes
  • Five-year shelf life
  • REF 8900-0800-01
  • N/A