Stainless Steel Catheter Tray with Lid

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Stainless Steel Catheter Tray with Lid 20cmx8cmx3.8cm

Premium grade stainless steel hospital utensils and medical equipment that meets the most exacting requirements of medical and healthcare professionals worldwide. Manufactured using seamless technology which eliminates areas which harbour bacteria growth The medical grade stainless steel is a highly corrosion and rust-resistant alloy. The metal is extremely strong and durable and, more importantly, has a characteristic ability to form protective layers.


The Liberty® branded stainless steel ware is made from a high quality genuine stainless steel 18-8 (304) specifically manufactured for surgical products with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.

The Liberty® range of stainless steel hospital hollowware includes steel trays for different purposes, buckets, lids, kidney dishes, bowls, cups, jugs, jars, instrument holders and bed pans, etc. are preferred in steel. All can be ordered in for your convenience. 

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