Sharps Container Disposal Sharpsafe

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Sharps Container Sharpsafe

Sharps Container Sharpsafe from Frontier Medical is a compact, travel-ready sharp bin for clinical and personal use, designed with insulin syringe users in mind.

It is a user-friendly, lightweight disposable container, with handles and top lid that may be flipped for temporary or final closure.

Product features

  • Flawless production, meets UN, BS and AFNOR standards
  • Made of high-density polypropylene plastic, safe for incineration
  • Stable shape, with puncture-resistant base
  • Leak-proof
  • In-mould, permanent label
  • Air-tight even when upside down
  • Non-return petal-shaped opening that prevents removal of disposed sharps

Sharps Container Sharpsafe also features an opening for scalpel blades, one specifically for insulin pen needle, as well as an opening conceived for large syringes and blood collection tube holders.


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