REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 3 BLUE

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REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 3 BLUE

When it comes to keeping your workplace or team as safe as possible, the REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 3 BLUE is a must-have item. This portable kit is perfect for small food industry workplaces and contains everything you need to be prepared in case of an emergency. With an easily managed contents sheet, it’s easy to audit and restock when needed. 

We recommend the Model 3 BLUE for workplaces with 1-25 people (excluding high-risk industries) and hospitality industry workplaces like cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens, etc. It’s also available in a standard version so you can pick whichever best suits your needs. 

This emergency kit has all the components you need with all items conveniently pre-packed so you don’t have to think about what first aid supplies you will need if an accident occurs. Even better, you can click on a link we provide and easily download the contents list for reference if needed. 

Your safety is our priority and with REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 3 BLUE, you can stay worry-free knowing that any accidents can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Buy now so that your team or workplace will always feel secure!

The Model 3 BLUE is recommended for:

  • Workplaces of 1-25 people (excluding high-risk industries)
  • Hospitality industry workplaces e.g. cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens


  • Refill pack for model 3 BLUE first aid kit 
  • Also available in a standard version

Click this link to download the contents list: MODEL 3 BLUE CONTENTS LIST

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