REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 20 BLUE

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REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 20 BLUE

Introducing the REFILL First Aid Kit Pack – Model 20 BLUE! This is the ideal solution for larger workspaces or smaller high-risk workplaces. The Model 20 BLUE is suitable for workplaces of 100 or more people (except construction, manufacturing, and high-risk workplaces), construction, manufacturing, or high-risk workplaces of 26-100 people, and hospitality industry workplaces like cafes, restaurants, and commercial kitchens.

This model comes in a Refill Pack and a Standard version. With its detailed contents list, you can be sure that you are well prepared if an unexpected incident occurs in your workspace. All contents are tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure maximum safety at the workplace. The kit includes abrasion pads, bandages as well as other necessary items to tend to any wounds or sprains quickly.

With its top-quality materials and all-inclusive content list, this first aid kit will allow you to create a safe working environment and support your team at any time. It is also perfect for personal use or team sports activities so you can have peace of mind that everyone is equipped with the necessary tools should something happen. Included in the pack are information posters on general injury prevention tips so that employees can stay safe all year round. 

We understand that emergencies happen when we least expect them to but rest assured - with the Model 20 BLUE First Aid Kit Pack from Refill First Aid Kit, you never have to worry again about being unprepared for those situations! Get yours today!

The Model 20 BLUE First Aid Kit is recommended for:

  • Workplaces of 100 or more people (except construction, manufacturing, and high-risk workplaces)
  • Construction, manufacturing, or high-risk workplaces of 26-100 people
  • Hospitality industry workplaces e.g. cafes, restaurants, commercial kitchens


  • Refill pack for model 20 BLUE first aid kit 
  • Also available in a standard version

Click this link to download the contents list: MODEL 20 BLUE CONTENTS LIST

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