Octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution 350ml (1)

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Octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution 350ml (1)

The Octenilin® Wound Irrigation Solution for fast, effective and gentle wound irrigation. 

Due to its low surface tension, octenilin® wound irrigation solution has excellent moistening properties and cleansing properties on tissue surfaces. The solution also works well in difficult to reach areas such as fissures and wound pockets.

Studies on the cleansing power against microorganisms in the biofilm revealed a good performance in comparison to other wound irrigation solutions, such as Ringer, Prontosan or isotonic saline solutions commonly used in hospitals, octenilin® wound irrigation solution shows a significantly better cleansing power and, therefore, a better reduction of pathogens. Octenilin® wound irrigation solution contains Octenidine as a preservative, capable of inactivating germs and thereby reducing the risk of germ transmission into the surrounding area during application.

Octenilin® wound irrigation solution offers an effective germ barrier between the wound and the patient if applied correctly. Non-irritating, non-sensitising, painless, without tissue toxicity, no impairment granulation and no impairment of the epithelialisation. 

Suitable for the rapid and effective cleansing of wounds, for the removal of wound crusts consisting of necrotic tissue, pathogens, biofilm and fibrinous films. Suitable for difficult to access areas, such as fissures and wound pockets, for moistening of wounds, for moistening of dressings and wound pads, for gentle removal of difficult to remove, caked dressings/wound pads, for combined use with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. 


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Removes wound coating and biofilm
  • Moistens wounds and creates an ideal environment for wound healing
  • Preserves moisture of dressings and wound coverings
  • Especially well tolerated by the skin and tissues
  • Painless application
  • Suitable for long term use
  • Use for up to 8 weeks after first opening
  • 1 x bottle of octenilin is supplied
  • Size: 350ml
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