REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 9

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REFILL First Aid Kit Pack - Model 9

Keep your family and team members safe during sporting events, outdoor activities, and other group get-togethers with the REFILL First Aid Kit Pack – Model 9. This handy backpack kit provides all of the supplies you need to provide medical attention in an easy-to-transport package. 

At first glance this backpack is nothing out of the ordinary – it’s lightweight and hard-wearing, so you can count on it lasting through the bumps, bruises, and minor accidents that often occur during a game, hike, or work shift. But look inside and you’ll find that this pack contains everything you need for efficient first-aid treatment. 

Each kit includes multiple zippered pockets with specialized contents designed uniquely for both adults and children. From gauze pads to bandages to antiseptic wipes – we have it all included and ready to go! Plus each kit includes a guidebook with detailed instructions on how to use each item correctly in a medical emergency situation. 

We understand that emergencies don’t keep normal hours, so we offer the immediate shipment for those who need a pack right away. Just click the MODEL 9 CONTENTS LIST link above for full content information. When you choose the REFILL First Aid Kit Pack – Model 9 you are choosing peace of mind knowing that you are always prepared no matter what activity your family or team might be involved in.

The Model 9 First Aid Kit is recommended for:

  • Schools
  • Sport
  • Outdoor activities
  • Hiking


  • Refill pack for model 9 backpack first aid kit
  • Portable
  • Hard wearing

Click this link to download the contents list: MODEL 9 CONTENTS LIST


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