Mesorb Wound Dressing 10cm x 13cm Box (50)

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Mesorb Wound Dressing 10cm x 13cm Box (50)

Molnlycke’s Mesorb Wound Dressing 10cm x 13cm is advanced wound care technology designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and protection to your patients. Its highly absorbent core can hold large quantities of exudate, making it ideal for high exudate wounds that are difficult to dress. Furthermore, its hydrophobic backing helps to prevent contamination and leakage ensuring greater safety and hygiene.

Not only does this dressing effectively absorb moisture, but it also provides cushioning around the wound area enhancing patient comfort. With up to 7 days of use, it offers optimum cost-effectiveness and convenience. The range features multiple size options - 10cm x 13cm being one of them - so you can choose the perfect fit for your patient’s needs. The box contains 50 dressings so there will always be plenty on hand for immediate use. What’s more, every dressing is able to be easily applied thanks to their simple design.

For effective protection and comfort when managing problematic high exudate wounds, Molnlycke’s Mesorb Wound Dressing 10cm x 13cm is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking for superior results.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Ideal for high exudate wounds
  • Up to 7 days of use
  • Hydrophobic backing
  • Protective cushioning enhances comfort 
  • Multiple size options
  • Easy to apply
  • Box contains 50 x dressings
  • Size: 10cm x 13cm
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