Leg Carriage Support Cushion (1)

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Leg Carriage Support Cushion (1)

The Leg Carriage Support Cushion cushions, immobilises, supports and elevates your leg.  

TheraMed's leg carriage gutter cushion offers ideal support and increased stability for those individuals with leg casts requiring stable elevation or who need internal/external rotation control. Whether you are healing post surgically or needing to comfortably elevate and maintain the proper knee and lower leg position for other medical related issues, this orthopaedic immobiliser offers a health aid from a trusted Australian source.

The orthopaedic immobiliser is made from All-new 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane memory foam. Likewise, this therapeutic leg carriage features a Steri-Plus outer cover that is moisture and bacteria-resistant. The shape, material and weight of the foam means the leg elevator won't slide around or off of the bed, keeping you or the person you are caring for secure. This added stability is important when healing and recovering.


  • Suitable for the prevention and management of heel pressure ulcers
  • Assist with the recovery of post operative orthopaedic and venous surgery
  • Pressure diffusing memory foam surface supports the legs to relieve pressure on the ankle and heel
  • Scalloped and angled shape alleviates pressure to the calf area for optimal blood flow
  • Two cushions can be used side by side if required
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • 100% Australian made memory and traditional foam
  • Has a Steri-Plus washable cover
  • Positioning support elevates leg
  • Is easily cleaned and sterilised
  • Leg elevation wedge
  • Cushion only, no canopy
  • Also sold as a support cushion with canopy, see listing 128265
  • 1 x cushion is supplied
  • N/A