ENClean Reusable Cleaning Brush (1)

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ENClean Reusable Cleaning Brush (1)

Introducing the EnClean® Reusable Cleaning Brush, designed with convenience and efficiency in mind! Featuring a durable construction and a reusable design, the EnClean® Brush is perfect for cleaning the ENFit® enteral connector quickly and easily.

The EnClean® Brush can be used with clean water to remove debris from the ENFit® enteral connector. It features soft, flexible bristles that reach the bottom of the connector for a thorough clean. All you need to do is wet the bristles, insert them into the connector, and rotate the EnClean® brush to scrub the inside and bottom of the connector. Rinse the bristles in clean water to remove any debris and repeat the process until the connector is clean. The reusable version is designed to last for a minimum of 30 days if cleaned according to instructions. 

Choose EnClean® to make cleaning the ENFit® enteral connector even easier and more efficient!


Product Features

  • For use with a single patient only
  • clean per instructions
  • discontinue use if damaged
  • clean after each use to minimise germ buildup
  • discontinue after 30 days.
  • colour: Purple
  • 1 cleaning brush supplied per packet
  • N/A