Easi-Grip Scissors Rounded Blade (1)

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Easi-Grip Scissors Rounded Blade (1)

The Easi-Grip Rounded Blade Scissors are an all important mobility aid. Regular scissors are not for everyone. It can be the tricky finger loops, or the stiffness of opening and closing the scissors after each cut that can be an issue. The Easi Grip Scissors are an ideal solution for those who struggle with their dexterity, or hand strength.

Designed using a clever looped handle design, the Easi Grip Scissors take out the need for finger loops and make for a far more comfortable cutting experience.

With these Easi Grip Scissors, all you need is a light squeeze to start cutting. The mobility aid automatically reopens once released, so there is far less strain on the hand and much less dexterity required to get everyday tasks done.

Alongside the looped handle and useful automatic reopening, the Easi Grip Scissors also feature a lightweight design. This lightness makes for easy handling, which reduces fatigue, so you can cut for longer without feeling the strain.

Crafted using strong stainless steel, the blades of the Easi Grip Scissors are long-lasting and sturdy, the edge of the 45mm blades are rounded for added safety


  • Lightweight scissors for easy handling
  • Mobility aid for those with low hand strength, or dexterity
  • Easi-Grip Scissors with a loop handle for ease of use
  • Made from high-quality and durable polymer
  • Blade guard for easy and safe storage
  • Stainless steel
  • 45mm round edge blade
  • Right hand
  • 1 x set of scissors is supplied
  • Colour: blue
  • N/A