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Defibtech Lifeline Automatic Defibrillator 7yr Battery

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When one is suffering from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, even few seconds can mean a lot. That’s why Defibtech designed a reliable Automatic Defibrillator which can be accessed instantly. In short, the Lifeline Auto is a type of defibrillator, which can be carried to the victim quickly and conveniently without fumbling. It’s expertly designed to examine heart rhythms and automatically, deliver a shock if needed. If the patient requires a specific level of shock therapy, the device without any intervention adjusts the shock strength, providing the perfect chance of survival.

This fully automatic Defibrillator from Defibtech has simplicity at its heart. Its rubber handles, oversized buttons, and other easy-to-use features ensure any person can operate it; from medical professionals to novices. This minimizes unnecessary pressure on the rescuer, during a rescue assignment. Additionally, with its vivid yellow and black colouring and striking sleek curves, the Lifeline Auto Fully Defibrillator attracts prominent display anywhere. It is ideal for use in Fitness Centres, Churches, Businesses, Schools, or anywhere else there is a public gathering.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Fully automatic – Perfectly examines the heart rhythm and delivers a shock automatically if necessary.
  • Clear voice prompts to guide the user
  • Highly visible colours that invite prominent display anywhere
  • Long life battery – a unique 7-year battery that works continuously for 16 hours or can deliver 300 shocks
  • Easy to upgrade via a data card
  • Lightweight and durable – At just 3kg, almost anybody can carry the device to the emergency scene



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