Button Hook & Zip Puller, Wooden Handle (1)

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Button Hook & Zip Puller, Wooden Handle (1)

The Button Hook and Zip Puller, a dual-purpose dressing tool that puts an end to pain and frustration when trying to get dressed. This device offers an essential high-quality easy solution for people with arthritis or limited use of their hands and fingers.

At only 235mm in length, this device is conveniently sized to be both easy to store and highly accessible when you need it. It’s constructed with a wooden handle, making it comfortable and easy to grip for those with weakened hand dexterity. On one end lies the specially shaped wire loop which can be inserted into buttonholes, looped around buttons and pulled back through - giving users the confidence of dressing themselves again. The other end of the tool features a small hook that attaches to zipper tabs so you can easily pull the zippers up and down without irritation or struggle.


  • Two assistive tools in one – eliminating pain and frustration when buttoning or zipping clothing
  • Button Hook on one end, Zip Puller on the other 
  • Ideal for people with arthritis or limited use of hands/fingers 
  • 235mm in length 
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