Ohs Requirements

Ohs Requirements

Ohs Requirements

A compliant first aid kit, is a safe first aid kit.

Three great reasons to keep your first aid kits up to date:

  • You’ll reduce risk and suffering to anyone sick or injured.
  • You’ll reduce costs should any first aid incidents occur.
  • You’ll comply with Australian Government OH&S guidelines

If your business or premises stocks first aid kits, ask yourself these two questions:

Would you like to be properly prepared to care for the victims of any first aid incidents, with the peace of mind knowing potential costs are minimised?

A high quality, well maintained first aid kit can reduce the impact of any injuries and save overall costs – it’s that simple.

All too often cuts or lacerations occur in the work place… they are not cleaned correctly with an antiseptic spray or wipe, and become infected. Pain and suffering are increased, so too are the related medical costs.

Would you like to be fully compliant with all federal and state Operational Health & Safety guidelines, with the peace of mind knowing you’ve conducted a comprehensive risk analysis?

First Aid Kits form an integral part of both federal and state OH&S guidelines and regulations – make sure your business or premises meets them all.

Regulations can vary state to state. Your business may be required to stock additional, specialised first aid products due to the nature of your product or service (i.e. if toxic chemicals are used, your first aid kit will be required to carry additional treatments and protection).

When First Aid Distributions services your first aid kits, we worry about all these things for you!