In The Home

In The Home

In The Home

Put safety first in your home. Get a first aid kit.

Millions of accidents, injuries and illnesses occur in Australian homes each and every year.

In the vast majority of these incidents, the pain and suffering caused could have been minimised or completely avoided if there was a fully stocked first aid kit on hand.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Think about…

! An infection to a cut or wound, that could have been avoided if you had a sterile dressing, to dress the wound and stop the bleeding.

! A fracture or sprain, that becomes aggravated because you didn’t have a heavy bandage, a sling or a splint.

! A piece of glass or a splinter that remains lodged, because there’s no sterile probe or tweezers in your first aid kit.

First Aid Distributions helps protect your home. Properly.

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