Underwrap strapping tape

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High Quality Underwrap Sport Tape

Looking for a high quality underwrap tape? Look no further than our underwrap strapping tape is perfect for easing pain and improving comfort while wearing rigid tapes. Shop now! Receive FREE shipping on orders over $200!

How to Apply underwrap sports tape

  1. Skin Preparation: Clean and dry the skin; trim body hair for better adhesion.
  2. Measure and Cut: Cut underwrap to the required length for the specific body part.
  3. Start Without Tension: Begin wrapping the underwrap without stretching it.
  4. Gentle Wrapping: Wrap the area gently, covering slightly more than where rigid tape will go.
  5. Overlap Layers: Overlap each layer by half the width for even coverage.
  6. Apply Rigid Tape: After underwrapping, proceed with rigid tape application.
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