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Temperature therapy helps relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation by using various methods of hot-cold treatment.

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, will promote blood flow and soothe muscles by dilating the blood vessels. This kind of treatment is effective in treating complications caused by arthritis. Thermotherapy is usually used for chronic pain.

Cold treatment, also called cryotherapy, will reduce blood flow, thus slowing the rate of inflammation to an injured area. It’s recommended to use cryotherapy within 48 hours of an injury for the treatment to be effective.

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Get the best treatment

First Aid Distributions offers a wide range of hot-cold treatment supplies that can be used in various situations. The cold therapy category includes supplies like the Cool Relief Cold Patches that will reduce body temperature in cases of overheating or sunburns, the Instant Ice Pack that will provide instant relief from fever and insect bites and the plastic ice wrap that holds ice in place in order to prevent potential damage done by applying the ice pack directly to the skin. Heat treatment supplies include the Tiger Balm that will provide relief for muscular aches and arthritis pain and the Deep Heat patches that produce heat for up to eight hours, treating backache and joint stiffness. Deep Heat products also come in gel and spray form so that you can choose the best fit for your needs.

Be prepared

Hot and cold therapy can be used in many situations, including first aid, chronic pain, or sports injuries. Depending on your context, it’s essential to include hot-cold treatment supplies in your first aid kit, workplace, or home. Some products, like the tiger balm, can be used on a day to day basis for fast pain relief.

Best practice tips

It’s essential to know the potential risks of hot and cold therapy and how to use these treatments for them to be effective. When applying heat therapy, it’s recommended that the temperature be rather warm than hot to avoid skin burns. Don’t use heat on open wounds or if the person treated is already overheated. Heat treatment should not be applied directly to an area more than 20 minutes at a time. If swelling occurs, stop the treatment.

Cold therapy should not be applied for too long as it can cause skin, tissue or nerve damage. In cases of cardiovascular diseases, medical advice should be taken into consideration before using cold treatment. If the injury or swelling hasn’t improved in 48 hours, medical assistance is necessary.

Some treatments can use alternation of heat and cold to reduce pain, like in the case of exercise-induced injuries.

Happy to assist you

Here at First Aid Distributions we proud ourselves with a friendly and professional team that will help you with any questions that you may have about our products. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to guide you in choosing the best hot-cold treatment for your needs. When ordering from us, you can always expect top-notch products and fast delivery that covers all of Australia.