Making a Model 1 First Aid Kit

Making a Model 1 First Aid Kit

It's the first Monday of the month which means we have another Making a First Aid Kit video for you!

This month it's time for the Model 1 kit to take centre stage, this one is a favourite with small businesses/workplaces or larger businesses that need kits in multiple areas.

We'll show you all of the contents, pack them into the kit and show you the final product!

The Model 1 first aid kit is perfect for the home and work places of 1-25 people (excluding high risk industries). It's housed in a sturdy metal container that can be portable or easily mounted on a wall.
It's also available in a food industry "blue" version.

The Model 1 is recommended for:
Homes, Offices, Smaller Workplaces and more!

View the MODEL 1 HERE