Setopress Compression Bandage 10cm x 3.5m (1)

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Setopress Compression Bandage 10cm x 3.5m (1)

The Setopress Compression Bandage is the perfect solution to managing venous leg wounds and encouraging healing. Featuring a medium weight but thin design, you'll be able to enjoy improved mobility no matter how large the limb – one bandage measures 10cm x 3.5m providing enough length for any wound care dressings. To make life even easier, this compression bandage is washable allowing it to be used over and over again.

The Setopress Compression Bandage helps to promote the curative process of long-standing ulcers with its perfect pressure distribution that ensures healing occurs with correct application. For added convenience, there's a permanently printed visual guide on each side of the layer – easily follow this guide to support quick and accurate application every time. You can also feel safe knowing your Setopress Compression Bandage is designed for total comfort while wearing shoes – no need to worry about having dressings get in the way or feeling uncomfortable!

Whether you need to treat an acute swelling in your legs or manage age-old ulcers, the Setopress Compression Bandage will provide effective treatment and the desired outcome. With its advanced construction providing just the right amount of pressure built specifically for leg related needs, you can trust in reliable results after every single use. Buy your Setopress Compression Bandage here today and take simple steps towards a comfortable recovery experience!


  • Promotes curative process of venous leg long-standing ulcers
  • Lightweight and thin compression bandage encourages mobility
  • Washable for use repeatedly 
  • Enough length for largest limbs
  • 1 x bandage is supplied
  • Size: 10cm x 3.5m
  • N/A