Rolyan Elbow / Heel Protector with Gel Pad (1)

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Rolyan Elbow / Heel Protector with Gel Pad (1)

Rolyan Elbow And Heel Protectors help maintain skin integrity and prevent ulceration or injury to elbow or heel with a gel pad for extra pressure relief. The durable and comfortable design of this sleeve which is constructed of stretchable acrylic/spandex material, makes it able to be worn for long periods of time to provide maximum protection or healing. 


  • Gel insert is removable so that material protector can be hand washed
  • Latex free
  • Hand wash in warm water with gentle soap
  • Dry at room temperature
  • 1 x heel / elbow protector is provided
  • Sizes: small, medium/large and extra large

Size guide

  • Small: Yellow 23cm (length), fits most small and medium women
  • Medium/Large: Blue 28cm (length), fits most larger women and average size men
  • Extra Large: Green 33cm (length), fits most larger men


  • If unusual swelling, skin discolouration or discomfort occurs, use should be discontinued and a healthcare professional consulted
  • Be careful that the protector is not so tight that it interferes with circulation

PLEASE NOTE: this item is non returnable and non refundable

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