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Be Prepared With Top Quality First Aid Kits For Your Office

Whether you're looking for a first aid kit for the office and workplace or first aid kit supplies we've got you covered. At First Aid Distributions, we provide a comprehensive range of first aid kits and first aid box refills for the office and workplace to meet all your first aid requirements and your budget

When it comes to purchasing first aid kits for the workplace it's not just a matter of common sense to keep a well-stocked kit on hand – it's a regulatory requirement. At First Aid Distributions, we have a wide range of office and workplace first aid kits for sale. Incidents can happen in any type of workplace and without warning so it's vital that you're prepared for any first aid emergencies which could happen in yours.

Choosing a first aid kit for the office or workplace can be daunting, especially when you're unfamiliar with what's available. Will it have the right first aid kit supplies and will there be enough of them? How do I know what needs to go in there? Choosing the right type of first aid kit from numerous options can be difficult. After all, you want to know that the first aid box supplies cover all types of emergencies that you may encounter in the workplace, but on the other hand, you don't want to waste money on one of our largest first aid kits when a smaller one would have been adequate.

First Aid Kits for Offices and the Workplace

 Our range of portable and wall-mounted first aid kits suit most offices and workplaces. Fully complying with Safe Work Australia First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice they're well stocked with antiseptic, gauze, bandages, dressings, plasters, and anything else you need to properly treat workplace incidents. Each of our first aid kits includes a first aid kit contents list but if you want any further information or need help with your selection then please get in touch with us. Available to buy online in a variety of styles and sizes from wall mounted metal units to portable duffle bags for jobs on the go, First Aid Distributions ensures every workplace is safe and protected with our first aid kits for businesses.

 Make sure your office or workplace is fully compliant and prepared – buy online first aid supplies from First Aid Distributions. Browse our range of office and workplace first aid kits for sale below.

Things To Consider When Selecting the Complete First Aid Kit

 Work activities can pose a risk of injury or illness to employees depending on what industry your business is in. Although this should be prevented by putting control measures in place, unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen. Workplace first aid kits should be well stocked with first aid supplies and readily available on site at all times, to treat minor injuries which don't require emergency attention.

 According to Australian law, every employer must provide a safe working environment and adequate facilities which include a first aid kit stocked with appropriate first aid kit supplies. Even small workplaces with less than 10 staff need to comply as well as 'micro-businesses if they're considered to be 'high risk'. Were you aware that work vehicles are considered a workplace too? Yes, really! Mobile workers should be provided with a portable first aid kit if their vehicle is also their workplace, such as taxi drivers, sales reps, couriers, inspectors, and bus drivers.

Are You Low, Moderate or High risk?

 Everyone's first aid requirements are different and before selecting your workplace first aid kit and any other first aid supplies you may require, you'll need to consider all potential hazards. It's best to carry out a first aid risk assessment of your office or workplace since this takes account of the type of work your business does and highlights any potential hazards. Once this has been done you should have a better indication of your first aid needs and whether your workplace is considered low, moderate, or high risk. With all of this in mind, you're ready to choose a first aid kit that fits in with your workplace environment. Our first aid kits for sale include kits that are suitable for plumbers, schools, electricians, marine, food, sports and more.

Remember, it's important also to ensure that all workers have easy access to first aid equipment and facilities and that you have trained first aiders on-site. Should you need help in choosing the best emergency first aid kit for your office or workshop or need information about first aid courses, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly knowledgeable team are always happy to assist.

Choosing a First Aid Kit for the Workplace or Office – the Basics

Regardless of the purpose or use of your first aid kit, there are a few things to look for:

  • Easy to recognise - Your first aid box should be instantly recognisable – normally you'd expect to see a white cross on a green background

  • Good quality casing – The outer casing of the first aid kit should be sufficient to protect the contents within from damage and keep them free from dust

  • Regulatory approval – all first aid kit supplies and refills should be listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods to ensure that the products you're buying meet the very best therapeutic standards

Not sure how many first aid kits you require? No problem. Our experienced sales team are on hand to offer advice and guidance.

Why not browse our range of first aid kits and first aid kit supplies and buy online from us today? When you shop with First Aid Distributions you can expect top quality products, competitive pricing, and super fast FREE delivery Australia wide when you spend over $300.