So Soft Heel Cups - Tuli's (1)

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So Soft Heel Cups - Tuli's (1)

The Tuli's® So Soft™ Heavy Duty Heel Cups are exclusively formulated to be lighter, softer and more resilient than other heel cups. Soft cloth material combined with softer heels means better shock absorption and increased comfort with or without socks.

Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli's® Shock absorbers for your feet.®

The multi-cell, multi-layer design absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet. This shock absorption and elevation of the heel bone provide immediate heel pain relief and assist in long-term healing. The patent-pending Tuli's So Soft Heel Cups include added comfort of a soft cloth heel bed and a low-profile heel backing so it is easily worn in almost any shoe.


  • Soft fabric lining reduces the occurrence of sweat and provides added comfort with or without socks
  • Low profile backing allows for ease of placing and wearing in almost any shoe
  • Multi-cell, multi-layer design absorbs shock and returns energy for immediate relief
  • Relief for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, achilles tendonitis and shin splints
  • Also commonly used for walking, running and standing
  • Latex free
  • Light & soft
  • Easy to use
  • Fits most athletic and work shoe styles
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 x pair is supplied
  • Sizes: regular or large 

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