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It goes without saying that sport challenges physical limits, and that first aid kits for sports teams are vital to ensure the safety of the game. At First Aid Distributions, we meet your expectations with a wide range of first aid kits and other essential supplies to fulfil the first aid requirements of your team. It is not enough getting the essentials covered by any regular first aid kit, an abundance of which we, at First Aid Distributions, sell in top quality conditions and with fast shipping across Australia. It is necessary for the kit to suit the particular needs of the sport one is playing, with its specific risks. Sports injury is a serious matter, so it is crucial to prepare your team for any potential first aid emergencies.

When it comes to first aid kits for sports teams, the choice depends on certain factors. Does the first aid kit contain the right supplies and, considering the number of players in your sports team, in the right quantity? It may prove to be a challenge making the responsible choices within the first aid kits budget of your sports team, if not for knowing the most common hazards and the medically approved ways of meeting sports injury emergencies. Be familiar with them before making the adequate purchase.

First Aid Kits for Sports Teams

 Our range of first aid kits is designed to be shared by sports team players and comply with first aid guidelines in Australia. At First Aid Distributions, we ensure the safety of your players with first aid kits that are properly stocked with elastic bandages, ice packs, wound dressings, pads, adhesive tape, safety pins, aerosol sprays, shears, and anything else that is needed in order for players, coaches, trainers and the sporting clubs to achieve their maximum potential. Consider purchasing first aid kits from us to respond with diligence to physical risks.

Get your sporting club prepared for any emergency situation – buy online first aid supplies from First Aid Distributions. Browse our range of first aid kits for sports teams below.

Things To Consider When Acquiring First Aid Kits For Sports Teams

 Depending on the kind of sport your team is playing, there are different situations to take into account when providing first aid kits. In spite of all possible safety precautions, sport implies risks, and it does not matter of if, but when accidents do occur. Coaches and trainers need to be prepared to respond anytime sports injury occur, especially when its cause represents a key element of the game. Therefore, you need to ensure your club with proper first aid kits for sports teams.

 Before kicking off, don't forget to assess all the potential risks posed by each game, as it is your responsibility to provide the most proper first aid kits in such a professional context. Sports injury may represent a fracture or soft tissue injury, caused by falling, transport accidents, contact or overexertion, as suggested by the statistics of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Sports Injury Hospitalisations, Once you have evaluated the level of risk, it is essential to choose the right first aid kits and equipment.

Another vital thing to recall is ensuring the availability of first aid supplies at every game, and this is where the quality of services will prove to be very useful. Our staff at First Aid Distributions is ready to assist with information and support if you need more information on our first aid kits for sports teams.

Choosing A First Aid Kit For Sports Teams – The Basics

There are a few more things to keep in mind when purchasing a first aid kit for sports teams:

  • Recognisable instantly – The first aid kit container should be marked with a white cross on a green background;

  • Quality casing – The outer casing of the first aid kit box should protect the contents inside it from damage and dust;

  • Regulatory approval – First aid kit supplies should be all listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods so that the products you're purchasing meet proper standards.

If still not sure how many first aid kits your sports team requires, you will respectfully receive proper advice and guidance from our sales team.

First aid providers can browse and purchase a comprehensive range of kits and supplies from us, as First Aid Distributions offers top-notch quality products at fitting prices, in addition to super fast FREE delivery across Australia for purchases over $300!