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If you are on the lookout for top quality stretchers to make a rescue operation successful, look no further than First Aid Distributions, the Australian medical supplier that offers you the best prices for an entire range of stretchers and other rescue products.


When it comes to moving injured people who need medical care, you need to choose the right type of stretchers such as scoop stretcher, spine board, or stretcher foldable that may or may not be turned into a compact carry case. Proper medical equipment holds crucial importance in saving lives, and this is where our help comes in. Make sure to browse our store below.

Different Stretchers For Different Kinds Of Emergencies

Considering the variety of emergencies you may encounter, your specialised rescue equipment should be ready to face specific challenges. This is why at First Aid Distributions you may find the following range of stretchers:

Scoop stretchers are the most efficient to lift injured people (especially those with spinal cord injury) from the ground, as they are lightweight, high strength and may be easily folded for storage and transport;

Spine board stretchers are used for transferring patients with potential spinal or limb injuries, providing rigid support with some discomfort and other drawbacks that make them not suitable beyond a limited amount of time;

Stretcher foldable, also known as the Emergency Pole Stretcher or the flat-folding stretcher, is the go-to solution for a basic stretcher using straps;

In addition, we also provide the stretcher foldable or Emergency Pole Stretcher with carry case, that is not only lightweight and offers excellent strength, but also can be folded easily into a neat carry case for more efficient storage and transport.

Remember – it is best to assess yourself what challenges you and your team may face, but for further inquiries and feedback, you may contact us. First Aid Distributions is here in Australia to meet your medical equipment needs with our range of scoop stretchers, spine board stretchers, foldable stretcher, as well as other emergency and first aid supplies.

Other Things To Take Into Account

Stretchers are only a part of the medical equipment you need to intervene in case of accidents, ensure the safety of your patients, and do all that it takes to obey your aiding duty.

This is why we aim to provide you a varied range of medical equipment and first aid kits and supplies fully complying with regulations, which you can browse in our online store.

The other advantages First Aid Distributions offers include freight policy which includes standard and express shipping, free for orders exceeding $200, door to door service, as well as an experienced team that will provide you the best customer support.