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If you're in need of an empty first aid box then you've come to the right place! At First Aid Distributions, we have a wide range of empty first aid containers from extra large wall cabinets to small discreet bumbags and everything in between.

An empty first aid kit is ideal for storing all of your emergency first aid supplies. Keeping all of your first aid emergency supplies together in one place is vital to improving your response time when treating a patient. While it doesn't seem like a big deal if you're dealing with a cut finger or minor sprain, it could mean the difference between life and death for a person who is bleeding profusely or suffering a heart attack.

Investing in an empty first aid box lets you transport all of your first aid supplies in a handy container without losing anything in transit. What's more, buying an empty first aid box allows you to choose the size of container to store your first aid supplies which means you can buy further supplies and create a bigger first aid box in the future.

Customise your first aid kit

Buying an empty first aid box, cabinet or pouch is the easiest way to customise your first aid supplies to meet your own requirements and needs. We understand that not every first aid kit contains all of the supplies you may need which is why we like to give our customers the opportunity to buy an empty first aid case which they can fill with whatever first aid supplies they particularly need. We supply a huge range of first aid supplies, instruments, and equipment to make it easy for you to fill your empty first aid box. Providing everything from an empty first aid box to wall mount to wholesale empty first aid bags and bulk first aid supplies, we really are your first aid supplies one-stop shop.

What is a first aid kit?

A first aid kit is a box or a bag which holds supplies that are typically used to treat minor injuries such as scrapes, cuts, burns, bruises, and sprains – things like antiseptic ointments, plasters, and bandages. Our more complex first aid kits can also include such life-saving equipment as tourniquets and emergency blankets or more common items such as cold or flu medications and insect repellents.

Empty First Aid Boxes for Different Uses

If you're wondering why there are so many different types of first aid kits out there, it's because first aid kits are used in many different places and may require certain first aid supplies which the type of first aid kit you have at home doesn't include.

Workplace kits, for instance, have a list of items which are required by Australian law. Sports kits will usually include more items for sprains and bruises. In addition, the type of container will be customised for the application. For example, if you were looking to put together a first aid kit for a construction site, then we'd recommend our empty first aid metal box as the best choice of container because it's dust resistant and rugged. A travel first aid kit, on the other hand, could easily fit into a small zip up bag made from hard wearing material.

If you need a first aid kit for on the go, whether it's for a camping holiday, a day's hiking, or simply in case the kids have an accident, then an empty first aid box offers the perfect solution; since it allows you to fill it with supplies you may already have or to customise it with the first aid supplies you need for your particular situation.

How to refill or stock your first aid supplies

How often you inspect your first aid kit will depend on how much you use it. At the very least, we would suggest that you check its contents every six months. For workplace users, we'd recommend you inspect your first aid kit every month and for home use, why not make a note in your diary to check it on say, the first day of spring and then again on the first day of autumn.

When you're checking your first aid supplies pay particular attention to:

  • Expiration dates – If any first aid supplies are out of date then throw them away
  • Damaged items – these should be disposed of and replaced
  • Partially used items – Do not be tempted to share these as it could spread infection. Instead, dispose of them
  • Stock levels – ensure that you have adequate stocks of first aid supplies to last until your next check date is due

Our selection of empty first aid cases are suitable for the home and the workplace and include a plastic first aid storage box with handy trays to let you organise the contents, portable first aid boxes available in a variety of sizes, high visibility hard wearing plastic wall mounted cabinets, bumbags, trauma bags, metal wall cabinets, and an intravenous mini kit empty ferno.

Simply select the empty first aid box or bag which works best for you, fill it with quality first aid supplies or pre-packed refills and you're good to go. If you can't find the type of empty first aid box you're looking for or need some advice, then our friendly first aid kit experts will be happy to assist.