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A transparent film dressing is usually a thin sheet made of a see-through material - normally polyurethane – available in different shapes and sizes to go effectively with different wounds. Many times, it used to shield the skin in pressure points, successfully acting as a second skin. These types of dressings are transparent; hence, you can have a glimpse of the wound – its recovery progress and any drainage – and ensure the affected part is moist for optimal healing.

OPSITE FLEXIFIX GENTLE is a sheet of transparent adhesive film, perfect for use in tube fixation, dressing reinforcement, dressing fixation, and in the management of painful peripheral neuropathy. It incorporates all the benefits OPSITE film with a special application system, to facilitate secure and easy fixation of all types of dressings. OPSITE’s tough, flexible film also provides protection against skin damage due to moisture and friction.

Product features and benefits

  • OPSITE Film – waterproof film that helps in prevention bacterial contamination
  • The acrylic adhesive – reduces the probability of skin breakdown on removal, particularly after long periods of wear
  • Transparent film – allows regular assessment of the wound site without the need for removal
  • Impermeable to bacteria
  • Adaptable to awkward areas – It has been designed to conform even to the most awkward body parts that have wounds
  • Highly comfortable and extensible to maximise patient comfort.  



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