CLEARANCE Durafiber Gelling Fibre Dressing 10cm x 10cm (1)

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CLEARANCE Durafiber Gelling Fibre Dressing 10cm x 10cm (1)

Every day, healthcare professionals continue to meet patients whose lives are badly affected by wounds. One element of wounds that they find predominantly tricky to manage is exudates.  To some extent, this is because of the problem of absorbing the profuse amounts of fluids that come from some wounds, plus the dangerous bacteria and enzymes found in wound fluid.

However, DURAFIBER Gelling Fibre Dressing can be an ideal solution in such situations. Smith & Nephew DURAFIBER Gelling Fibre is a kind of dressing that contains a safe gelling fibre filler, which absorbs excess fluid, and anti-microbial particles that are effective in controlling infections.

When DURAFIBER makes contact with exudates, the fibres hydrate and bulge as they absorb all the wound fluid creating a soft, cohesive gel sheet. The swelling or bulging of the fibres helps to lock in the absorbed exudates or any dangerous bacteria that would be within the gelled dressing environment. In terms of removal from the wound, DURAFIBER has a high integral wet strength that allows it to be gotten rid of easily in one piece.


  • Excellent exudates management – DURAFIBER has good absorption and retention capacity, features ideal for protecting the wound
  • Guaranteed patient comfort – Promotes patient’s concordance by forming a gentle, conformable gel matrix
  • Assured dressing efficiencies - By experiencing a minimal shrinkage even wet, helps sustain the wound coverage
  • Clean one piece of removal
  • Up to 7 days wear period

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