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Guedel Oral Airway is made from nontoxic, semi-rigid polyethylene material with uniquely color-coded smooth bite block. It features enclosed guedel-style center channel for added patient comfort.


Individually packaged Guedel Oral Airway allows convenient insertion and reduces risk of patient trauma.


  • Sterile
  • Nontoxic, semi-rigid polyethylene
  • Color-coded smooth bite block
  • Enclosed guedel-style center channel
  • Allows convenient insertion
  • Reduces risk of patient trauma
  • Prevents cross infection
  • Prevents patient against occluding and biting down airway
  • Individually packaged
  • For single-use only

Guedel Oral Airway is right choice for difficult intubation and resuscitation.  

60mm code: 124161

70mm code: 124162

80mm code: 124163

90mm code: 124164

100mm code: 124165

110mm code: 124166

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