Are you looking for plasters, wound dressings, or any other type of adhesive bandage? Then you've certainly come to the right place! We here at First Aid Distributions provide customers with a wide variety of water-resistant plastic plasters to choose from. We supply high-quality products that are suitable for all purposes and stay in place no matter what. For example, those working in the field of food preparation will notice our extensive array of blue bandages that abide by the industry standard. Nevertheless, our stock does not end there.
The moisture-repellent coating on plastic plasters ensures that they last throughout the day regardless of the activities you engage in, which makes them suitable for anyone from food industry professionals to children. Browse through our list to find the ideal alternative for you by first considering wound type and size. Finally, remember our products are the perfect addition to any home or office first aid kit as well. Plastic plasters are indispensable, so make sure you have them on hand!

Plastic Plasters

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Injuries Come in All Shapes and Sizes

There's no way to predict what type of damage might occur you or those around you. You can be the victim of a small, yet painful paper cut. Your child might fall off their bike during a casual stroll through the neighborhood park. An employee or coworker could trip while crossing the street on their way to work.
Dressing a wound is essential no matter its size, as even minuscule cuts or scrapes aren't safe from the harmful effects of dirt and germs. At First Aid Distributions, we ensure that you have access to an array of water-resistant plastic plasters for any situation. It is always advisable to have your first aid kit stocked with plastic plasters of all shapes and sizes. In this way, you will be prepared for any situation.
All that's left to do before applying one of our water-resistant wound dressings is to properly clean and disinfect the wound, ensuring that you get any trace of dirt and germs out before sealing it. Let the plastic plaster do the rest.

Water-Resistant Plastic Plaster Properties

Applying a water-resistant plastic plaster to a disinfected wound is a reliable way to maintain the area clean and safeguarded from dirt and germs. This type of product is composed of an adhesive strip with a non-stick cushioned pad in the middle. Its purpose is to absorb excess blood and liquid, keeping the area sanitary and preventing the contamination of everyday items. The adhesive coating of the wound dressings you will find on this place is made using a variety of polymers. What is more, some types are hypoallergenic and latex-free, ensuring that every single one of our customers can find their desired product in our online shop.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plaster

No two harms are alike, which is why you should always consider the following factors when choosing the type of plastic plaster to stick on: Wound size. As previously mentioned, injuries come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, our website delivers water-resistant plastic plasters that come in a variety of dimensions. You can choose from regular-sized products, large patches, or even meter-long rolls that can cater to the needs of any first aid kit.

Daily routine.The activities you pursue regularly are quintessential to the type of water-resistant plastic plaster you decide upon. Food industry professionals should always use blue plasters that are easy to spot in edible goods, but First Aid Distributions also has a myriad of other sorts in stock.

Allergies.If you are allergic to latex or other similar polymers, make sure to choose a hypoallergenic wound dressing in a latex-free formula. Is there anything else you would like to find out about our products? Our dedicated and experienced support team is here to answer your inquiries.

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