Discover the Durability and Security of the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Disp

Discover the Durability and Security of the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser: A Must-Have for Schools, Councils, and correctional facilities.

In today’s world, maintaining hygiene in public spaces is more crucial than ever. This is particularly true in high-traffic areas like schools, council buildings, and public restrooms, where durability and security are paramount. Enter the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser, a game-changer in the world of hygiene solutions offered by First Aid Distributions.

Built to Last - Indestructible Design

The OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser is nothing short of a fortress. Labelled as "indestructible", it is designed to withstand just about anything thrown its way. Kick proof, punch proof, and knife proof, this dispenser ensures that you will never have to deal with a broken unit again. Its robust build makes it an ideal fit for environments where rough use is a possibility, such as schools and public parks.

Maximum Hygiene with Minimum Waste

Hygiene is a primary concern in any public setting. The OPS dispenser takes this into account with a design that ensures clean soap. The dispenser is securely locked with a stainless steel circular keyway cam lock, preventing any form of tampering. This design feature ensures that there's no way for the soap supply to be contaminated with foreign materials like pens, pencils, or bodily fluids, safeguarding public health.

Safety First - Suicide and Ligation Resistant

In settings where safety is critical, such as hospitals and correctional facilities, the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser offers unmatched benefits. It is the most suicide-resistant dispenser on the market, featuring a design with no hang points and no sharp edges, which prevents self-harm. This feature alone makes it an essential addition to any facility taking measures to prevent self-injury.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Cost-efficiency is crucial in institutional settings. The OPS dispenser uses foam soap, which provides up to 5000 pumps per cartridge. This not only ensures that the soap lasts longer but also reduces the storage space required. Schools report that each cartridge can last about four months, significantly cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs.

ADA Compliant and Easy to Use

Accessibility is key in public installations. The OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), making it a user-friendly option for all users. Its secure mounting and easy operation make it accessible and straightforward for individuals with disabilities.

Vandalism No More - A 5-Year Guarantee

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser is its 5-year warranty against vandalism. This bold guarantee speaks volumes about the confidence that First Aid Distributions has in its product. It assures that even in the unlikely event of damage, the unit will be repaired or replaced for free, ensuring that it is perhaps the last soap dispenser you will ever need to purchase for your facility.

Any institution looking to improve its facilities' hygiene, safety, and operational efficiency, the OPS Vandal Proof Soap Dispenser from First Aid Distributions stands out as the top choice. It’s more than just a dispenser; it’s a long-term investment in the health and safety of your public spaces. Equip your school, council, or public area with it today and experience a seamless blend of durability, security, and cost-effectiveness.