Vehicle Trauma First Aid Kit Premium

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Vehicle Trauma first Aid Kit Premium

The new Premium level Vehicle Trauma Kit is the next level up for those looking for a high-quality Trauma first aid kit. With the emphasis on trauma and usability, this kit contains the products need in those life-threatening situations. With a combat tourniquet, plenty of dressings for both Haemorrhage control & burns this kit covers all bases. We have even included a hardcover resuscitation mask, compression indicator snake bit bandage & large formable Sam/Boston splint. 

The durable portable soft first aid bag has a big fold out compartment with plenty of additional space for those extra items. 

Bag Size: 36cm x 18cm x 12cm

QTY Premium Vehicle Trauma Kit Contents
10 Antiseptic Wipes 200mm x 100mm
1 Burn Gel Dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 Burn Gel Dressing 20cm x 20cm 
1 Combat Tourniquet 
2 Combine Dressing 20cm x 20cm 
1 CPR A6 Card
2 Crepe Bandage Medium 100mm x 4.5m
1 Crepe Bandage Medium 50mm x 4.5m
2 Emergency Thermo Blanket
2 Eye Pad 
10 Eye Wash Saline 15ml
1 Fabric Plasters Assorted (100)
1 First Aid Guide Leaflet
3 Gloves Nitrile Pair
1 Heavy Crepe Bandage 100mm x 4.5m
2 Island Dressing 10cm x 20cm
2 Island Dressing 6cm x 8cm
2 Island Dressing 9cm x 10cm
1 Micropore Tape 2.5cm x 5m
1 Resuscitation Mask Hard Cover
1 Sam - Boston Splint 90cm x 10cm
1 Scissors 12.5cm Sharp / Blunt
2 Skin Closures 6mmx75mm (3pkt)
1 Snake Bite Bandage Indicator Aero
1 Splinter Forceps 13cm
1 Splinter Probes (5)
2 Triangular Bandage Calico
1 Universal Shears 19cm
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