Ultrasorbs Dry Sheet (10)

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Ultrasorbs Dry Sheet (10)

Medline Ultrasorbs Dry Sheets manages skin fold moisture like never before. 

Successfully preventing moisture associated skin damage (MASD) for most at risk individuals requires an effective method of promoting optimal skin conditions. Prolonged exposure to moisture could compromise the skin’s condition. Ultrasorbs Dry Sheets are designed to absorb skin-fold moisture and keep it away from the skin where it may cause damage. Ultrasorbs Dry Sheets are a breakthrough innovation in skin care designed to reduce the risk factors of MASD for most at-risk people. With a soft outer fabric layer on both sides, moisture is wicked away from the skin, locking it into the the double-thick, super absorbent polymer core.


  • One sheet holds 240mls
  • Each sheet is pre-cut to the perfect size
  • When applying the product, fold the sheet in half for the best fit
  • Change sheet once per day or when sheet becomes wet
  • Each sheet is 36cm x 15cm and should not be cut
  • Latex free
  • Pack contains 10 x sheets
  • Size: 35.56cm x 15.24cm
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