TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (1)

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TrueClot Basic Packing Trainer (1)

The TrueClot® Basic Packing Trainer (BPT) is a low cost, introductory level dry wound packing simulator for the “first exposure” stage of training. Students can repeatedly practice correct wound packing techniques and develop muscle memory to hone their bleeding control skills. Constructed from durable silicone, the simulated gunshot exit wound can be packed with 12 feet of gauze and heavy external pressure can also be applied. The small form factor is ideal for table top classroom use, stop the bleed courses, and in-service training.

The BPT stows easily in the included storage can for transport or between uses.


  • No mess, dry wound trainer for teaching wound packing techniques
  • Design provides slight suction to hard surfaces, keeping trainer firmly in place while practising wound packing
  • Can be used as a wet trainer with TrueClot simulated blood for more realistic packing
  • Large calibre gunshot exit wound
  • Small form factor for table top use and easy storage
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Includes one pack of training compression gauze and storage container
  • 1 x training device is supplied
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