Digital Scales Flat 813 - Seca (1)

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Digital Scales Flat 813 - Seca (1)

The Seca Digital Scale 813 are extra large electronic flat scales with very high capacity, they have a very high bearing capacity of up to 200 kilograms.

With the digital floor scale seca robusta 813, seca has developed a solution which meets the highest demands as regards comfort, stability & precision. It is therefore not only the ideal scale for controlling weight in the medical sector (when no calibration is required) but also for controlling or monitoring one's weight at home.

The generously sized platform with the extremely robust steel construction is extremely flat and thus easy to mount even if one is handicapped. The non slip rubber feet and the soft pimpled surface make the platform safe and comfortable to use. Even under extreme loads the seca robusta 813 with its capacity of up to 200kgs shows the precise weight in 100g steps. 

With the step off function, the scale is automatically reset to zero at every step, taking changes in the environment into account. When stepping down off the platform, the precise weight is automatically shown on the display.


  • Precision, quality & comfort
  • Extra wide platform
  • High capacity 
  • Step off function
  • Highest precision
  • Weight capacity: up to 200kgs
  • Size: 433mm x 47mm x 373 mm
  • N/A