Donut Ring Latex Cushion (1)

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Donut Ring Latex Cushion (1)

TheraMed's Ring Latex Cushion is a high density donut shaped pain relief seat cushion that takes pressure away from sensitive areas, produced from pure natural latex from the rubber tree.

Coccyx discomfort, also known as tailbone pain can get even worse when seated, however, if you make use of a doughnut cushion, you can reduce pain by reducing pressure on those tender areas. With a specifically placed opening, the coccyx cushion keeps pressure off of the area so that you have reduced pain while seated. The donut pillow has a donut shape that optimises support for your bottom while diffusing with the centre opening. The unique foam cushion contours to the shape of your body for better support of your bottom. Likewise, it distributes body weight evenly while preventing stress on lower body and legs.

Get natural, safe pain relief from our premium, padded seat cushion. Sometimes you don’t want to take medication, sometimes you can and sometimes you just want to try a natural and safe therapy first. With the ring latex cushion, you can get natural, safe and side effect free pain relief. While you should always consult with your health professionals, tailbone pain can typically be treated at home with conservative, drug free methods. A donut cushion can offer an alternative to many other therapies that is easy, safe, convenient and reusable.


  • Designed to relieve pain in the tailbone and coccyx area
  • Can provide pain relief during pregnancy
  • Can be used in the home, car or office
  • Provides relief from bedsores, post-operative pain and other debilitating conditions
  • Ideal for wheelchair users, maternity users, new mums, rest homes and hospitals
  • Latex is non-toxic and contaminant free, it's natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Produced from natural latex from the rubber tree
  • 100% natural latex biodegradable material
  • Promotes better posture
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Has a Steri-Plus washable cover
  • Even distribution of pressure
  • Features an absorbent & breathable surface
  • Is easily cleaned and sterilised
  • 1 x cushion is supplied
  • Size: 41cm across x 8cm high


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