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Oxygen Rescue Kit Contents - Ferno (1)

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Oxygen Rescue Kit Contents - Ferno (1)

The Oxy-Rescue Kit Contents are for use by personnel highly trained in the delivery of oxygen resuscitation. It has the same features as the Oxy-Demand Kit but has the added benefit of a venturi suction system.

The Oxy-Rescue Kit can also be used with various Ferno softpacks.


  • Multiflow regulator LPM with two high pressure outlets
  • Oxygen demand valve with mask and tubing
  • Oxygen powered suction unit
  • Three adult and child therapy masks
  • Airways sizes one to five
  • Pocket mask with O² inlet, face strap and case
  • Cylinder spanner

Kit contents excludes oxygen cylinder and soft bag.

PLEASE NOTE: this listing is for the contents only and does NOT include the empty bag or oxygen cylinder

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