Molicare Premium Elastic Maxi Plus 10 Drops

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Molicare Premium Elastic Maxi Plus 10 Drops

Introducing the MoliCare Premium Elastic Maxi Plus 10 Drops – an all-in-one slip style pad that offers maximum protection and discretion for those with moderate to very severe incontinence. Utilising two elasticated side panels and two re-closable tapes, this ergonomically designed product provides a secure fit that can be applied in either a standing or lying position.

The MoliCare Premium Elastic Maxi Plus 10 Drops features a three layer absorbent core which keeps skin dry, maintains the skin pH and even reduces the risk of incontinence related skin irritation. Furthermore, inbuilt leakage cuffs are designed to protect against any unwanted leaks, whilst odour neutralisers ensure high levels of confidence. Soft textile materials provide ultimate wearing comfort and excellent discretion for those seeking maximum protection with minimal visibility.

MoliCare Premium Elastic Maxi Plus 10 Drops is nurse approved, offering superior absorption performance with convenience and comfort in mind - perfect for those looking for reliable protection when managing incontinence on a daily basis.


  • 2 elasticated side panels ensure security and comfort
  • 2 re-closable tapes allow for a quick and easy application process
  • Ergonomic design helps reduce body stress on the care giver when applying
  • Can be applied in either standing or lying positions
  • 3 layer absorbent core keeps skin dry and maintains pH balance to reduce skin irritation related to incontinence
  • Leakage cuffs maintain coverage for high level of leakage protection
  • Odour neutralisers guarantee confidence
  • Soft textile materials for ultimate wearing comfort and discretion


Small: (Waist / Hip: 70cm-90cm)
Medium: (Waist / Hip: 85cm-120cm)
Large: (Waist / Hip: 115cm-145cm)
Extra Large: (Wasit / Hip: 140cm-175cm)


Small: 2800ml
Medium: 3696ml
Large: 4200ml
Extra Large: 4500ml


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